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Free One Click Android Root

KingoRoot revolutionizes the way you use your Android device. For many Android users, the Android factory settings offer limited performance and a plethora of unnecessary programs that further drag on the operating system. ROOT enables you to use your phone how you want and will save battery life and supercharge your phone's performance with this tool.

What is Rooting?

All Android devices work using the Linux kernel: when phones are shipped to stores, they have a limit on which features can be accessed and the software which can be installed and uninstalled. The owner of a device is not the system administrator; it is the manufacturer that ultimately sets the parameters of the operating system. KingoRoot installs missing Linux software to give the owner full control over the phone and full access to software systems; as such, it is the system with the highest success rate and the lowest risk. Once installed, device owners have full control over their device, allowing them to install and delete any software they wish, and even change the entire operating system. The system can be installed through an APK in your Android phone.

Speeds up Phone Performance

The sheer amount of unnecessary files on Android devices is a good enough reason to use KingoRoot; being able to delete these will speed up performance, and the increased access to software is an added bonus. If you are looking for alternatives, you may want to try  Root Android all devices too. Please note that this process could put your device at risk and damage it, so be extra careful when using it. 


  • Effective
  • No PC needed
  • Easy download
  • APK also available


  • Some devices unlisted
  • Potential risks


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KingoRoot 4.5.6 for Android


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